A New Year and a New Blog

Hi, my name is Michael and this is my blog.  I have made several attempts at starting blogs in the past and all have failed, partially due to my just getting lazy and not wanting to work at them and partly due to a lack of focus.  This one should be a bit different.  It will be a typical blog, like other blogs, dealing with things that go on in my life (at least to an extent that I feel that they are interesting enough to write about them) as well as things that interest me.  I will also use this as one of several places were I will track my progress in my quest to do what others have in fact done before, but is still viewed by many to be nuts any way and that is to run 5 marathons over the course of this year.  Maybe 6 if someone mentions one that I think would be fun to do and I happen to be able to find the funds to do it.

So, a little bit about me.  I am 30 years old and live in the Detroit Metro area.  I work in the IT industry and have been an avid runner for about 6 years.  I started running a bit in college and continued a bit outside of college but didn’t really start doing it as a serious thing until around 2005 when I realized that my laziness and lack of exercising had resulted in me becoming overweight.  I didn’t start racing until 2009, however, when I did the 1st annual BAA 5k the day before my sister ran the Boston Marathon.  I enjoyed it so much I did another 5k with my sister on father’s day of that year, followed by the Crim (a 10 mile race in Flint, MI) with people from the company I work for, then I ran my first 2 1/2 marathons, 2 weeks apart – Brooksie Way in Rochester and the Detroit 1/2.  From there I continued to do 5k’s, 10k’s, a few more 1/2’s and the Crim a second time running before doing my first two marathons in 201o, the Detroit Marathon and The Marine Corps Marathon, both I did with my sister, who is an avid marathon runner and an inspiration, I will probably post more on her later.

Well that is a start to this blog, and as I have other things I need to do, I will end this and add new posts later.  So, have a happy New Year and enjoy the run!

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